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Using a Pressure Canner for Home Canning

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Home Canning of low acid foods (pH more than 4.6) must be done at a high temperature of 240 degrees Fahrenheit or 115 degrees Celsius at sea level. This can only be done under pressure, using a pressure canner. Some people refer to it as a pressure cooker. Note: Some foods require extremely sophisticated equipment and should only be packaged professionally.

When using a canner, follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly. Bring it to the recommended canning pressure of 10 pounds (at sea level; see Altitude Time Adjustments for above 1,000 feet above sea level) then maintain that pressure for the duration of the recommended processing time. Please note that the canner must return to its zero pressure naturally. We prefer to let it set overnight, with the products inside, before opening and labeling.

Pressure canners are safe. The petcock is used in conjunction with a gauge and is designed to let excessive pressure escape. For a weighted gauge the pressure escapes by pressure against the underside of the weight and cannot exceed the pressure of the weight. Both types of pressure canners are described in our free Video 4.

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If you are planning on purchasing a pressure canner, please visit our Pressure Canner Comparison Page for size, quality and price information.

Video 4: Home Canning Vegetables and Home Canning Soup

Introduction to a pressure canner, sometimes referred to as a pressure cooker.

At the end of this video you should understand how to can low acid foods how to home can vegetables and home canned soup.


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