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Canning Jam and Jelly

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To can jam, use the following step-by-step instructions or watch our free ten minute video.

Canning Jam without Pectin, Step 1 Canning Jam without Pectin, Step 2 Canning Jam without Pectin, Step 3

1. Before making jam, have all materials organized and ready for canning. Jars,lids, funnel and paper towels.

2. When jam is ready to can, place the boiling kettle into the sink on a hot pad next to the jars.

3. Place jars on a clean towel to avoid slippage. Use a funnel for filling and a sturdy cup measure to scoop hot fruit and fill jars, leaving 1/2" of headspace.

Canning Jam without Pectin, Step 4 Canning Jam without Pectin, Step 5 Canning Jam without Pectin, Step 6

4. Wipe the rim of each jar clean with a dampened paper towel.

5. Carefully place the lid on the jar to avoid getting jam on the rim.

Tighten the cap as firmly as possible.

6. Since the jars are hot, use a towel when tightening lids.

Process 5 minutes, using water bath method at sea level, 10 minutes at elevations over 1,000 feet and 15 minutes at elevations over 6,000 feet.

Let jars cool for 24 hours.

Follow instructions at our Labeling and Storing page.

Always follow jar manufacturers' recommendations and instructions and visit their websites for updates on a regular basis.

Video and instructions for making and canning homemade jam, jelly and infused fruit recipes.

Video 1: Making and Home Canning Jam and Infused Fruit

If you are new to home canning, we recommend you begin with this video.

You will learn how to can jam, infuse fruit and then process them in a hot waterbath canner.

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